Hi, I’m Natalie!

i’ve been doing this for almost five years, and let me tell you that feels TOTALLY crazy!

My fascination with digestion goes WAY back to a curious three years old me refusing to eat unless I was guaranteed it would be easy to digest. This is true, was a very long stage, and something that I remember grilling my family members on regularly. This stage was followed by an extensive, numbered list of bodily functions which I would use to keep my family informed. I took #1 and #2 and added about ten more. At one time, I was convinced that Tootsie Rolls were impossible to digest. (due to an intolerable post-Easter #7 episode). The jury is still out on that one.

My passion for efficient digestion was (somehow!?) there at a young age, along with one other key ingredient that ties this all together.

Making people happy has been something that’s always driven me.

I’m a people pleaser and a people lover. From the very start of my life, I’ve wanted to run the show and make it a good one. Whether it was my earlier years in theatre or my time as a Doula-it was all for the smile, the laugh, the kinship, and the connection. I have always wanted to know everyone, like, in the world. If you’ve crossed me on a city street or sat next to me on an airplane, I’ve looked at you and longed to know you. Why? Because I have long known that life can be tricky, and maybe just maybe if I knew you I could make you happy when skies are grey. Or at least remind you that the Sun will come out tomorrow. ( Had to). 

This business and I have grown up together, teaching one another various things about ourselves. It has pushed me to see and examine every part of who I am, driven me to create who I want to be, and illuminated the path of the past in reminding me who I always have been. 

So, as you can see, this business isn’t just my life, it’s my entire life. It’s everything all mixed together, over time, changing and becoming the ever changing state of what it is today-just like my beloved Kombucha.

I do this because I love it, the whole of it. The passion I have always felt for gut health and happiness have brewed up over many years and landed me right here with my dream job.

My hope is that my Counterpart can become your Counterpart, leading you to a happy belly, and a ridiculously-endlessly-overwhelmingly happy life.