What is kombucha?

Kombucha is tea, fermented. It begins the way that tea always does, hot water and tea. Over time, and given the right environment, TLC and cultures-it becomes something excitingly different. Millions of beneficial probiotics are produced, filling this fermented tea with just what our bodies need.

What do i find counterpart kombucha?

We currently have retailers in PA, NY, NJ, and MD! Click here to find your closest retailer. We also offer free delivery for twelve packs in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

how much should i drink?

All of our bodies are similar, but also different. As with any new food you introduce, starting small makes good sense. Pop the top, drink a bit, and let your body guide you. There’s no right way or wrong to Booch, personalize it to what fits for you and you’ll be golden.

what’s floating in my kombucha?

It usually isn’t great for drinks to have loose bits of mysterious matter. With Kombucha though, it’s REALLY great. There is a tremendous amount of action that we never get to see when we look at bottled Kombucha. All of the millions of microscopic cultures are invisible to the human eye until you have floaties. The living cultures in your bottles are colonizing and reproducing; it’s a beautiful ( and healthy) thing!

Why are some fizzier than others?

The fizz that we work with is the all natural kind. We don’t add CO2 to our Kombucha, so we rely on the traditional method of brewing Kombucha for effervesce. To accomplish this, we do something called a second ferment. We ferment the tea for Kombucha, and then we ferment the Kombucha + the flavoring elements to obtain the flavor profile and effervescence. This is our favorite way to make Kombucha, and our ideal way to drink it too. Variation is a virtue for us here at Counterpart.

what do you use to flavor your kombucha?

We use fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, and flowers. We think that the things grow on our planet are pretty delicious, so we just those!