Top The Cake


Chocolate Cake is one of my favorite foods…ever. Yes, I say this about a lot of foods (cakes and otherwise), but when it really comes down to it- I LOVE Chocolate Cake. I recently decided to make my very favorite of them all- the classic Hershey’s Chocolate Cake. There are so many clever ways to swap ingredients these days, but when it comes down to it- I knew I wouldn’t want to change one thing about this recipe. I mean it is my favorite after all!

So I compromised. I made the cake according to the recipe, but added a little something ON TOP to give it a fun and healthy twist. Kombucha makes everything better if you ask me, but I’m still always somehow SHOCKED when it ends up being absolutely delicious. It’s simple, adds probiotics, tastes DIVINE, and it’s SO EASY!

This certainly doesn’t have to be exclusively for a Chocolate Cake, this can work with a variety of cakes, crepes, ice cream…you name it!

Raw Raspberry & Kombucha Topping

6 oz of Fresh Red Raspberries

3 oz Counterpart Kombucha

  1. Rinse Raspberries and allow to dry completely

  2. Place Raspberries in 3 inch strainer ( over a cup or bowl ) and push with a spoon until you have gotten most of the puree out into your vessel below.

  3. Continue this until you have pureed all of the Raspberries.

  4. Pour 2 oz of Kombucha through the strainer and into the puree. This will help to rinse the seeds off, and to get some of the leftover puree into the vessel.

  5. Discard the seeds and mix the Puree and Kombucha well.

  6. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

  7. Pour onto your cake and BAM! A little tart, perfectly fresh and probiotic rich!

Only use this on what you will be eating, since it’s raw, it wont do well sitting out on the cake for a few days.

Natalie Lynn